Identify the Opportunities Through Instagram - Generate Leads Through Instagram Daily -

Identify the Opportunities Through Instagram – Generate Leads Through Instagram Daily

Yes, I Want to Generate More Leads!

By Socialkash | Social Media Marketing Tips

Aug 22

Identify the Opportunities Through Instagram
Generate Leads Through Instagram Daily

Are you wondering about the benefits of Instagram for your business?

Let’s begin with the good news…

#1: Instagram hasn’t been infected by spammers yet. It is a very secure social media platform.
#2: The DM (direct message) open rate on it is higher than any form of digital messaging – emails, twitter DMs, Facebook Ads.
#3: The responses to the comments on this site are phenomenal if you push out the right messages to the right audience.
#4: The turnaround is almost immediate, unlike SEO – which takes a few months just to see if your strategy works or not.

These are just some of the reasons why you should leverage Instagram for your business right now and take full advantage of it.

Identify the opportunities in Instagram right now

Things can change rapidly in the social media world. Remember Myspace? Very few do. Billionaire mogul, Mark Cuban said creating opportunities means looking where others are not.

So, if you are the owner of a small or medium sized business, it’s important for you to identify the opportunities in Instagram right now, when major corporations are still trying to figure out their social media strategy.

Ads are disruptive by nature. The reason social media became huge is that it’s social, and non-disruptive. Facebook ads are an inexpensive way to reach people, but most Facebook users tend to block or ignore sponsored posts.

The beauty of Instagram is that you can build community, relationship, engagement organically.

It always surprises us that most business owners don’t understand how we can strategically help them reach out to their potential customers, clients’ networks, and generate leads.

For sure, LinkedIn is a great platform for business. It is a platform strictly for business and you need to approach it with proper business etiquette. What we love about using IG for our own marketing is that we can engage with professionals in more relaxed and casual manner.

Grow a high quality mailing list

Our Instagram business is going strong, and we get lots of inquiries for more information on what we have to offer. Instagram is a great platform to generate leads, convert leads into paying customers or clients, grow a high quality mailing list with an open rate that’s much higher than any other.

Of course the bottom line depends on many variables – your sales capability, viability of your services, products and history of closing rate. The point is, business is not always rational or logical.

Visual platform such as Instagram sense emotions – which gives you a much better chance of making a more effective human connection

Instagram is without a doubt great tool to drive higher engagement and spark conversation and generate leads. The key is crafting your messages carefully in a way that caters to the target audience that you reach out to.

If you abuse the platform and send generic or spammy comments or messages, it would certainly rather hurt your reputation. Buying fake followers or using bots can lower your engagement rate and hurt your authority.

There are tools for IG, but without the right strategy, well crated messaging and adequate techniques, you can be frustrated with not getting meaningful results.

We highly suggest you work with experts such as us, benefit from our hard work, understanding of various social media techniques, resources and the knowledge we hacked through trial and error.

Many businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on TV ads, billboard ads and banner ads, which people are turning away from. Think of each post on Instagram as an opportunity to advertise, but different from the traditional one-way ads.

Don’t make it promotional all the time.

Don’t make it promotional all the time. Communicate, offer values, and entertain your audience. Invest time or money on crafting the message.

You can utilize a copywriter to write them. Most work on a daily or half-daily rate, and expect to be paid anywhere from $600 to $800 per day. Your copy should be written in a way that connects your audience to your business, convincing them to take the next step, and affirming their conversion.

You can find some examples of well written copies at

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