Social Media and Commercial Real Estate -

Social Media and Commercial Real Estate

By Socialkash | Social Media Marketing Tips

Oct 31

Social Media Marketing for Commercial Real Estate Agents – Why Is This So Important?

The fact is commercial real estate professionals haven’t taken to the social media in the same manner as their residential real estate counterparts. But that has been changing fast and more and more commercial real estate brokers are getting on board.

The social media is the ultimate equalizer and it has changed how we communicate with each other. Traditional marketing strategies have involved advertising, direct mail, billboards, flyers and websites. Social media has changed a lot as now consumers have a voice, like never before in the past.

Clients, co-workers and employees can either become your biggest unpaid advocates or your biggest critics. That is the power of the social media.

As a real estate agent, you must figure out how to pull potential clients to relevant content, to attract them to your website, like it on Facebook or follow you on Twitter. What commercial real estate social media marketing does is to pull potential clients towards you rather than push your marketing messages to them. This is a big difference.

Another important reason to take up social media seriously as a commercial real estate agent is that your clients – corporations and businesses across America - have already taken to it in a big way.

Most Fortune 500 companies are on the social media, and smaller businesses are not far behind either. Social media allows them to stay in touch with their customers and push their products and services more effectively. So, if you’re not on the social media already, you’re missing out on something really big.

So which social media platform is idea for a commercial real estate agent?

Most small and medium sized businesses, not to mention large corporations are already on Twitter. Many are also on LinkedIn and Instagram. To start off with, you should begin your social media marketing campaigns with simple terms and hashtags such as #CRE on Twitter. Then you can move on to more specific and better hashtags. The important thing is to establish a presence as soon as possible.

Have the same photo or profile on all the social networks you are on. There has to be a consistency in your messaging. You should definitely be on Twitter as your Twitter profile is likely to end up on the top of the search results for your name. Work on your Twitter bio – make it sound professional, but not boring. Twitter has over 300 million registered users and is fast becoming indispensable for business.

Instagram is another popular social network that has been gaining a lot of traction lately in commercial real estate. Many commercial real estate companies focus on Instagram to build a brand beyond the narrow confines of real estate itself. Instagram allows them to add personality to their social profiles because of the visual appeal of the medium.

Some of the commercial real estate companies and agents who have done exceedingly well with their social media marketing are...


This Instagram account is owned by R&A, a Manhattan based tenant brokerage. It has succeeded in getting hundreds of followers by using unique and engaging hashtags such as #BuildingofTheDay and #TallTuesday.

@LuxurRealty and

This commercial real estate firm from New York uses quotes instead of property photos to attract and engage followers.

@CoyDavidsonCRE and

Coy Davidson is a broker for major real estate company Colliers in Texas, and he has excelled at using the social media – especially Twitter and Instagram - to market his business. He combines images of commercial properties with happy pictures of families.


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